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Robin Rigg

Client: RWE

Value: Confidential

Dates: Feb 2021 – August 2021

Sector: Renewables


The A1 turbine within RWE’s Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm had been decommissioned some time ago. The stub had been left in-situ at the time of disconnection and removal of the main section of the turbine. Strong fluvial tides within the area meant that the stub was now protruding from the sea bed causing a potential hazard to vessels and requiring immediate removal. The removal of the stub was procured by RWE via an extension to the original Contractor’s Contract. RWA acted as Contract Administrator for the project.

Our Appointment

RWE did not have adequate resource to deliver all aspects of the project, and requested immediate support mid-way through the programme. Steel River Cost and Project Management (SRCPM) was appointed to provide Document Control and Administrative Support to RWE’s Head of Offshore Construction Technical Services, and Special Projects Manager. Our services for this project included:

▪ Liaising closely with RWE’s Special Projects Manager to identify and review existing documentation processes. Agreeing the proposed documentation management process with RWE and the wider Project Team.
▪ Setting up and managing the Document Control Register and administering project Sharepoint folder.
▪ Chairing and minuting all meetings, including daily status update meetings during the vessel’s time within the Robin Rigg field.
▪ Ensuring an effective flow of information and communication between all parties involved in the project.
▪ Coordinating and managing the allocation and completion of tasks, chasing parties where appropriate.
▪ SRCPM produced and managed an Action Tracker to formally document the status of all actions, owners, timescales etc, and ensured that this was shared with the team on a weekly basis as a minimum via the project Sharepoint folder.
▪ Regular reporting to RWE both verbally and in written form on the status of project documentation.

Adding Value

Steel River Consultants (SRCPM) was appointed during the latter stage of what had been a long-term project with a very well established team. Whilst this was SRCPM’s first project within this sector and with RWE, we very quickly got up to speed with the terminology and processes. We immediately assessed the status of the existing information, required communication routes, and overall documentation requirements, and smoothly integrated ourselves into the team. The project was delivered successfully with all project documentation provided and approved by the appropriate team members.

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