Robust Health & Safety Processes

Steel River have experience in working across a wide range of Renewable Energy projects.

Onshore wind, offshore wind, wave, tidal and hydro


Renewable energy projects often involve complex engineering studies and developing technologies which bring associated health and safety challenges.

Robust safety processes can eliminate or reduce risks associated with projects in exposed and hostile environments.

Steel River Consultants is experienced in working with multinational companies to deliver renewables project safety across the UK.

As a member of RenewableUK, our positive dialogue with the HSE during intervention projects, and regular liaison with industry stakeholders ensures our knowledge and experience of the safety challenges faced by the sector are always up to date.

Our experience will assist in ensuring all aspects of renewables project safety are proactively covered and implemented allowing you to deliver your project safely, on time and on budget.

Solar Energy


Government Policy and financial incentives to develop a renewable energy infrastructure has led to a large number of developer-led construction projects, which often expose clients and contractors to unfamiliar project risks.

Serious breaches of health & safety legislation on your construction project could result in prosecution.

We advise and assist clients, designers and contractors through the identification and management of design and construction hazards.

Our experience has found that technologies and supply chains introduced from overseas can bring challenges in meeting the required UK health and safety standards.

Our track record and specialism within the renewables industry allow us to deliver bespoke levels of services to meet individual project needs.

Alternative Renewables


Government policy and financial incentives to reduce carbon footprint and waste to landfill is promoting the exploitation of renewable energy production, either as a diversification of normal business or further development opportunities. This often introduces unfamiliar risks that need to be managed.

Protect your workers and assets by eliminating and managing risks in design, operation and maintenance.

We can offer a broad range of services from initial due diligence and support on new build or extensions of existing facilities, through to development of safe systems of work for operation and use on new build and extension of alternative energy production facility.

From biogas through anaerobic digestion of waste foodstuffs and agricultural crops, to heat conversion from incineration of mixed waste, waste wood or imported wood pellet through steam turbine electrical generators, we can support your safety requirements.

Case Studies

Robin Rigg

The A1 turbine within RWE’s Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm had been decommissioned some time ago. The stub had been left in-situ at the time of disconnection and removal of the main section of the turbine. Strong fluvial tides within the area meant that the stub was now protruding from the sea bed causing a potential hazard to vessels and requiring immediate removal. The removal of the stub was procured by RWE via an extension to the original Contractor’s Contract. RWA acted as Contract Administrator for the project.

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