District Heating Replacement Scheme

Client: Durham University

Value: £ Unknown

Dates: Sep 2008 – Aug 2012

Sector: Heritage


Durham University commissioned the project on the Palace Green properties in central Durham. The project comprised the removal of a site wide district heating system and replaced with localised boiler plant. A significant number of properties were included on system including Durham Castle, the palace green library and numerous lecture facilities, student residential and catering facilities.

The majority of the projects included developing new plantrooms in majority of the buildings.There was a large scale asbestos removal programme as part of the scheme utilising the holiday periods annually and phasing the work as a lead in the main plant installation works.

The majority of the schemes buildings where a grade I listed structures so care and consideration was required to conserve and protect the buildings fabric throughout the project. 

Our Appointment

Paul Foxton was originally appointed as the CDM Co-ordinator for the project. Paul led the CDM Co-ordinator/ Principal Designer role discharging the duties under the CDM Regulations.The role included supporting the client with the identification of relevant Pre-Construction information, identifying gaps in the existing records and recommending relevant surveys. Particular focus was given to the existing asbestos records. Reviewing the design detail to assist planning for new Refurbishment asbestos surveys to fill gaps in records

Paul was appointed from the feasibility stages of the project with involvement throughout the design stages, liaising with the design team to assist in the planning of the works ensuring adequate separation was provided between the general public and students. There were also challenging installation works, fitting new boiler plant in the likes of Durham Castle. There was significant temporary works to consider, removing and rebuilding walls, supporting roof structures whilst access could be created for placement of new boiler plant and services.

Adding Value

Our consultant appointed on the project has had significant previous experience of plant replacement projects for a number of NHS trusts in the Newcastle and Middlesbrough region.

The experience from previous projects was invaluable in providing solutions to some of challenges with site constraints, structures of architectural importance, along with some future access and maintenance challenges.

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