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CDM Support

Client: ReNew ELP

Value: Confidential

Dates: April 2020 – Ongoing

Sector: Renewables


The project is based on the installation of a new Cat-HTR™ (Hydrothermal Upgrading Facility) Plant that will be designed to convert up to 30,000 tonnes per annum of ‘End of Life’ plastic to hydrocarbon products initially targeting plastics rich in polyethylene and polypropylene with the aim of converting them into three key distinct intermediate distillate products:

  • Naphtha fraction.
  • Gas oil fraction.
  • Heavy gas oil fraction comparable to vacuum gas oil.

A fourth product will also be produced and may be processed to recover the high value wax or simply blended into bitumen for road construction.

Our Appointment

ReNew appointed SRC to provide competent advice throughout the project lifecycle, to support them with interpreting the requirements of their role as client and Principal Designer (PD) as defined in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.

  • Development of a CDM Strategy Plan to set out the framework for project delivery.
  • Conduct a CDM client compliance review in the form of a gap analysis / checklist for each work segment:
    • Idea & concept
    • Specify & planning.
    • Design, procure & mobilise.
    • Handover & occupancy.
  • Conduct follow up audits (x3) of ReNew in both client & PD role.
  • Conduct a series (x4) of site safety Principal Contractor (PC) audits on the nominated EPC contractor over a 12 month period.
  • Conduct a series (x2) of designer audits on the nominated the EPC contractor.
  • Deliver CDM awareness sessions to nominated ReNew project team members.
  • Conduct a review of the PC Construction Phase Plan.
  • Provide advice regarding the preparation and development of the CDM Health and Safety File (HSF).

Adding Value

Due to previous similar project experience SRC were able to quickly and cost effectively provide access to dedicated consultants to the ReNew project team to ensure timely and consistent advice was provided and remains in place through to project completion.  Support was dynamic and flexible to align with the project delivery program.

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